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Stikord Beskrivelse
(-n, -r): Betegnelse inden for meteorologien for det bælte, der ligger mellem vestenvindsbæltet og nordøstpassaten / sydøstpassaten.
horse lattitude // By keeping reasonably close to the African coast they could use the favourable Canary current to cross the horse latitude which is a belt of light and variable winds between the generally westerly winds of the higher latitudes and the trade winds at around 30° North, and the wind that helped Columbus to the Caribbean in 1492, and which Germanic sailors called the Passat. [9588 p.14]
[DaSøSø p.591, MM 04/2004 p.473]

horse latitudes. "A belt of calms and light airs in the North Atlantic which borders the northern edge of the North East trade winds."
I 1777 skrev G. Forster i sit værk Voyage Round World II p.581: "The latitudes where these calms chiefly reigns are named horse-latitudes by mariner ... because they are fatal to horses and other cattle which are transported to the last mentioned continent (America)."
Og Maury (1806-1873) skrev i The Physical Geography of the Sea (8. udg.) p.276: "They are so called from the circumstance that vessels formerly bound from New England to West Indies with a deck-load of horses, were often so delayed in the calm belt of Cancer, that, for the want of water for their animals they were compelled to throw a portion of them overboard."
[SOT p.143]