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Folioområde Foliounderområde
3000 Sydamerika W-kyst Panama til Cape Horn 3020 Sydamerika W-kyst Panama til Cape Horn
Bolivia, Chile, Iquique, Ecuador, Guayaquil, , Panama, Peru
Løbenr, korttitel, udgivelsesår

3020 Sydamerika W-kyst Panama til Cape Horn

1141 Kort over en Deel af Perus Kyst, 1821 c.
1198 Novæ Hispaniæ, Chili, Peruviæ et Guatimalæ Littoræ, 1700 c.
1335 South America West Coast Sheet X, Bolivia & Chile Pt. Grande to Pt. S. Francisco, 1836
1546 Chile Sheet VII from Lora Point to Maitencillo, 1913
1547 Chile Sheet VIII from Maitencillo to Herradura, 1873
1548 Chile Sheet IX from Herradura to Grande Point, 1913
1549 Chile Sheet X from Pt. Grande to Pt. San Francisco, 1912
1550 Chile Sheet XI from Cape Paquica to Cape Lobos, 1896
1551 Chile Concepcion Bay, 1905
1552 Chile Sheet VI from Tucapel Point to Point Lora, 1899
5035 Bahia Valparaiso to Caleta Totoralillo, 1966
5088 Map of Central America Shewing the proposed lines of communication between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans., 1853
5089 Topographical Map of a Portion of the Isthmus of Darien in site of Proposed Inter-Oceanic Navigation., 1853
5090 Darien Ship Navigation - Plan and Section of Design No. 1., 1853
5091 Darien Ship Navigation - Plan and Section of Design No. 3., 1853
7111 Estrecho de Magallanes, Aktiv 2004 ca.
7115 Approaches to Estero Salado and Puerto Maritimo de Guayaquil, Aktiv 2004 ca.
7116 Cabo Pilar to Golfo Coronados, Aktiv 2004 ca.
7289 Southern Approaches to the Panama Canal, Aktiv 2004 ca.
7364 Bahia Pisco to Punta de Santa Elena, Aktiv 2004 ca.
7382 Approaches to Bahia del Callao, Aktiv 2004 ca.
7519 Approaches to Bahia de Buenaventura, Aktiv 2004 ca.
7697 Arica to Islotes Infiernillos, Aktiv 2004 ca.
7736 Pta. de Sta. Elena to Golfo Dulce, Aktiv 2004 ca.
7807 Iquique to Bahia Pisco, Aktiv 2004 ca.
7925 Ports on the Coast of Peru, Aktiv 2004 ca.