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1490 Landkort Sydamerika 1491 Landkort Sydamerika
Østkystens og vestkystens stater i Sydamerika
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1491 Landkort Sydamerika

3423 Amerique Méridionale Publiée sous les Auspices de Monseigneur le Duc d'Orléans Prémier Prince du Sang. Par le Sr. d'Anville. MDCCXLVIII. Avec Privilege. A Paris chés l'Auctor aux Galeries du Louvre., 1758
3881 Süd-America in zwei Blättern, gezeichnet von F. v. Stülpnagel. Neue berichtige Auflage., 1863
3882 Der südliche Theil von Süd-America., 1863
4001 America Meridionalis in suas Præcipuas Partes Accuratè Divisa ad usum Serenissimi Burgundiæ Ducis., 1700 c.
4019 Littora Brasiliæ. Apud FdW. Pascaert van Brasil. Gedruckt by FdW., 1700 c.
4020 Americæ Meridionalis a Rio de la Plata per Fretum Magellanicum ad Toraltum. Nieuwe Perfecte Pascaert van 't Suyderlyckste deel van Suyt America van Rio de la Plata door de Straet Magellaen tot Toral., 1700 c.
4265 America Meridionalis in suas Præcipuas Partes Accuratè Divisa ad usum Serenissimi Burgundiæ Ducis., 1700 c.
4650 L'Amerique Meridionale qui fait l'autre partie des Indes Occidentales. Dressée tres Exactement Suivant les Observations de Mr. l'Academie Royale des Sciences, 1719
7031 Kort over den engelske Fregat CONWAYs Reiser til adskillige af de Syd Americanske Stationer i 1820, 1821 og 1822 af Lt. A.B. Becher og Master H. Foster., 1822
7168 Grundriss der Stadt Carthagena in Indien - Cartagena i Colombia, 1735
7172 Karte von der gemessenen Mittagslinie in dem Koenigreiche Quito., 1744
7173 Grundriss von der Stadt S. Francisco del Quito, 1735 c.
7175 Scenographiscer Abriss von der Stadt de los Reyes / Koenigsstad oder Lima, 1735 c.
9040 Map of Guiana by Sir Walter Ralegh, ca. 1595., 1595
9059 Valley of the Amazons, 1859
9069 A Map shewing the track of the expedition of Pedro de Ursua and Lope de Aguirre, A.D. 1560-1561., 1861
9071 Map of Peru, Quito & New Granada., 1864
9072 TTahuantin - Suyu or the Empire of the Yncas .. in its four great divisions of Chincha-Suyu, Cunti-Suyu, Anti-Suyu, Colla-Suyu with their tribes and Ayllus or lineages, 1880
9073 The Isthmus of Panama at the time of its discovery 1513-1523., 1865
9085 A Plan of Cuzco Ancient and modern., 1871
9087 A part of Peru shewing the marches of Francisco and Hernando Pizaro - May 1532 to May 1533., 1872
9124 South America in the XVI century. An ethnographical map, 1890
9211 Map of Central Peru, 1907
9212 Map of Vilca-Pampa, 1907
9270 Valley of Amazonas, 1921
9271 Reproduction of Father Samuel Fritz's map of the great river Maranon 1707 - Amazonas, 1707
9286 Map of Guiana b P. du Val - Guyana, 1654
9287 Map of Guiana to illustrate the Hakluyt Edition of Harcourt's Relation 1926., 1926