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Folioområde Foliounderområde
1200 USA Key West til Mexico 1230 USA Key West til Mexico
Louisiana, Mississippi, Mobile, Pensacola, Tampa
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1230 USA Key West til Mexico

1247 Morgan City to Port Allen, Louisiana, 1997
1315 Mississippi - Lake Borgne and Approaches. Cat Island to Point Aux Herbes, 1995 c.
1431 Pensacola Bay and Approaches, 1922
1432 St. Joseph's and St. Andrew's Bays, Florida, 1921
1433 Habana to Tampa Bay, US Gulf Coast, 1916
2513 Point au Fer to Marsh Island, Louisiana, 1970
2653 The Coast of West Florida and Louisiana, 1818 c.
2654 The Entrance of the River Mississippi at Fort Balise, 1764
2655 A Draught of the Entrance of Mobile, 1764
2656 A Plan of Mobile Bar, 1771
2657 Plan of the Harbour of Pensacola by B. Romnas 1771, 1771
2658 A Plan of the Entrances of Tampa Bay on the West Coast of East Florida, 1818 c.
4575 Pas Kaart van de Boght van Florida Met de Canaal Tusschen Florida en Cuba., 1700 c.
4576 Pas Kaart vande Noord Oost Kust van Cuba en d'Oost Kust van Florida vervaatende de Canal van Bahama met de Bahaamse Eylanden., 1700 c.
4684 Gulf of Mexico. Cape San B. to Vermillon Bay, 1894
7086 Veracruz to Altamira, Aktiv 2004 ca.
7711 Approaches to Galveston Bay, Aktiv 2004 ca.
7748 Mississippi River, New Orleans to Baton Rouge, Aktiv 2004 ca.
7835 Gulf of Mexico, Aktiv 2004 ca.
7913 Tampa Bay Entrance, 1990 c.
7914 Tampa Bay, Aktiv 2004 ca.
7926 Mobile Bay, Aktiv 2004 ca.
7927 Approaches to Pascagoula and Gulfport, Aktiv 2004 ca.