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1340 Caribiske Hav, Amerikas kyst Mexico til Trinidad

1457 West Indies - Venezuela - Plans, 1817
1741 Venezuela, Gulf of Darien to Roques Islands, 1885
2618 The Bay of Honduras, 1800
2619 Ruatan or Rattan, 1810
2640 La Guayra on the Coast of Carracas, 1818 c.
2641 Puerto Cavello on the Coast of Carracas, 1794
2642 Bay and town of St. Martha on the Coast of Terra Firma, 1818 c.
2643 Plan of the Harbour of Cartagena by Don Juan de Herrera, 1818 c.
2644 Gulf of Morosquillo, 1818 c.
2645 A Plan of Portobello Harbour taken in the King's ship NAUTILUS 1767, 1767
2646 Plan of the Road and Harbour of Chagre with the town and castle, 1818 c.
2647 A Draught of the Bahias del Almirante named by the Buccaniers Bocatoro, 1818 c.
2648 A Draught of Blewfields Lagoon on the Moskito Coast, 1818 c.
2649 A Plan of Truxillo Bay called also St. Giles's Bay, taken in the King's ship NAUTILUS 1766, 1766
2650 A Draught of the Harbour of San Fernando de Omoa, 1818 c.
2651 Plan of the Road and Port of La Vera Cruz, 1740
2652 The Coast of Mexico from La Guna de Esmotes to Punta Brava, 1816
4565 Pas-kaart van Rio Orinoque Golfo de Paria, met d'Eylanden Trinidad, Tabago, Granada, Granadillos, en Bequia., 1700 c.
4568 Pas kaart vande Zee kusten van Venecuela met de Byleggende Eylanden., 1700 c.
4571 Pas-kaart van de Zee Kusten van Carthagena Tierra Firma Costa Rica ende Honduras Tusschen Rio Grande de S. Martha en Cabo de Gratias Dios, 1700 c.
4573 Pas-kaart van de Golff de Guanaios Met 't Canaal Tusschen Yucatan en I. Cuba., 1700 c.
5150 Panama Canal, 1957
7169 Grundriss von der Bay Carthagena in Indien - Cartagena i Colombia, 1735
7171 Grundriss von der Bay und Stadt Portovelo - Portobelo i Panama, 1736
7208 Karte von den Provinzen Caracas, Comana und Paria in dem Mittæglichen America, 1754
7209 Karte von den Provinzen Carthagena, S. Martha und Venezuela, 1754
7210 Karte von der Erdenge Panama und den Provinzen Veragua, Terra Firma und Darien, 1754
7212 Grundriss von der Rheede und Stadt Vera Cruz, 1754
7214 Grundriss des Hafens von Acapulco, 1754
7215 Grundriss von Port Royal und dessen Gegenden, 1754
7242 Karte von den Lændern Nicaragua und Costa Rica, 1754
7354 Plan over en Deel af Landstrækningn imellem Panama og Chagres, 1831
9253 Map of Tabasco by Melchior Alfaro de Santa Cruz 1579, 1579
9254 Map of Tabasco showing the route followed by Hernando Cortes during 1524-5, 1916
9255 Map of Guatemala and the adjacent countries, 1916
9313 Map to illustrate the Third Voyage of Columbus 1498, 1933
9314 Map to illustrate the Fourth Voyage of Columbus 1502-1503, 1933
9317 Darien - The Isthmus of America, 1934
9318 Map from "A New Voyage round the World" by William Dampier, 1697
9319 Chart of the San Blas Islands and adjoining coast, 1686