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1330 Vestindien, ekskl. danske kolonier

1053 Carte Reduite des Isles Antilles, 1758
1219 Plans of Ports in St. Domingo, 1874
1289 Carte Particuliére des Côtes de la Martinique, 1828
1290 Carte Générale de la Martinique, 1831
1293 Carte Réduite de la Guadeloupe et dependances, 1842
1568 Bahama and Abaco Islands with the North West Providence Channel, 1886
1569 Great Bahama Bank Sheet IV, 1907
1589 Turks Island, 1865
1660 Haiti, 1881
1661 Cuba, 1875
1786 Haiti, 1883
2090 Barbados, 1700 c.
2091 A Large Draft of the Island Antegua, 1700 c.
2092 A Chart of the Iland of Hispaniola with the Windward passage from Iamaica between ye East end of Cuba & the West end of Hispaniola, 1700 c.
2093 The Island of Jamaica, 1700 c.
2094 A New Chart of the Bahama Islands And the Windward Passage, 1700 c.
2095 Bermudas, 1700 c.
2610 Turks Islands, 1800 c.
2620 Jamaica, 1810
2623 Chart of the Islands and Channels of St. Bartholomew, St. Martin, Anguilla, Dog and Prickly Pear, &c. from the surveys and observations of Mr. Samuel Fahlberg., 1818 c.
2624 St. Christophers, or St. Kitts, surveyed by Anthony Ravell Esqr., 1810
2625 Antigua surveyed by Robert Baker, 1810
2626 Guadeloupe, done from actual surveys and observations of the English whilst the island was in their possession, 1817
2627 Dominica, 1810
2628 Martinico, done from actual surveys and observations made by English engineers whilst the island was in their possession, 1810
2629 St. Lucia, done from surveys and observations made by English whilst in their possession, 1810
2630 Barbadoes surveyed by William Mayo, 1810
2631 St. Vincente from an actual survey made in the year 1773 after the treaty with the Caribs, 1810
2632 Bequia or Becouya, the northernmost of the Granadilles, 1816
2633 Granada, divided into its parishes, surveyed By Order of His Excellency Governor Scott, 1810
2634 Tobago, 1810
2635 Trinidad, 1809
2636 Curacao, 1810
2659 Plan of Lucia Harbour and Mantega Bay in Jamaica, 1818 c.
2660 The Harbours of Port Antonio in Jamaica, 1818 c.
2661 Plan of Bahia Honda on the North Side of Cuba, 1818 c.
2662 Plan of Port Cavanas on the North Side of Cuba, 1818 c.
2663 Plan of Port Mariel on the North Side of Cuba, 1818 c.
2664 Plan of the City and Harbour of Havanna, 1818 c.
2665 Plan of the Bay of Matanzas on the North Side of Cuba, 1818 c.
2666 A Plan of the Nuevitas Harbour in the Island of Cuba, 1818 c.
2667 Plan of the Great Bay of Nipe on the North Side of Cuba, 1818 c.
2668 Plan of Barracoa in the Island of Cuba, 1818 c.
2669 Plan of Bahia Xagua on the South Side of Cuba, 1818 c.
2670 Plan of Guantanamo on the South Side of Cuba called by the English Waltenham Bay and Cumberland Harbour. Surveyed by Admiral Durell in 1740., 1740
2671 The Harbour of St. Yago in the Island of Cuba, 1818 c.
2672 A Plan of Fort St. Louis Harbour on the South Side of Hispaniola, 1818 c.
2673 Petit Guave in the Island of Hispaniola, 1818 c.
2674 Leogane and Port au Prince in the Island of Hispaniola, 1818 c.
2675 A Plan of Cape Nicola Mole on the West End of Hispaniola, 1818 c.
2676 A Plan of Port Paix in the Island of Hispaniola, 1818 c.
2677 A Plan of the Town and Harbour of Cap Francois in the Island of St. Domingo, 1818 c.
2678 Plan of the Bay and Town of Bayaha or Port Dauphin in the Island of Hispaniola, 1818 c.
2679 A Plan of Monte-Christo Bay with the Seven Brothers on the North Coast of St. Domingo, 1818 c.
2680 A Survey of the West Road of Porto Rico named by the Spaniards Aguada Nueva or New Watering Place. Taken by order of Admiral Torres in 1740., 1740
2681 A Plan of the Forts and Harbour of San Juan de Portorico, 1818 c.
3279 Kaart over Reeden ved Cap Francois, 1785
3647 Cartes de supplément pour les Isles Antilles. Par M. Bonne, Ingénieur-Hydrographe de la Marine., 1780 c.
4566 Pas kaart van de Caribes Tusschen J. Barbados en I. S. Martin., 1700 c.
4570 Pas kaart van de Noord Kust van Espaniola met d Eylanden daar Benoorden., 1700 c.
4572 Pas kaart vande Zuyd kust van Cuba en van Geheel Yamaica en and're byleegen plaatsen, 1700 c.
4738 Gorda Sound, West India, 1848
4739 Road Harbour, Tortola, West India, 1848
7033 Havnen El Roque - Isla los Roques Venezuela., 1829
7207 Karte von dem Eylande Hayti heutiges Tages Espagnola oder die Insel St. Domingo nebst den benachbarten Eylanden, 1754
7281 Old Providence Island, 1912
7339 Karte von der Insel Saint Dominique - Haiti, 1758
7340 Karte von der Insel St. Christoph - Saint Kitts og Nevis, 1758
7341 Karte von der Insel Martinique, 1758
7342 Karte von der Insel Guadelupe - Guadeloupe, 1758
7343 Karte von der Insel Grenada, 1758
7344 Karte von der Insel St. Lucia, 1758
7345 Karte von dem Eylande Jamaica, 1758
7346 Karte von der Insel Barbade - Barbados, 1758
9056 Island of Guadaloupe, 1602 ca., 1602
9057 Island of Porto Rico, [Puerti Rico] 1602 ca., 1602
9058 A Harbour in S'Domingo [Port-au-Prince] 1602 ca., 1602
9099 Bahama Islands - Antonio de Herrera, 1601., 1601
9100 Bahama Islands - modern., 1870
9101 Bahama Islands - Juan de la Cosa, 1500., 1500
9278 Carte de l'Isle de Sainct Christophle - French Map of St. Christopher ca. 1667, 1667
9279 Map of Barbados sent home by Sir Richard Dutton in 1684, 1684
9280 Map of Cuba, Jamaica, and S. Domingo, 1800 ?
9282 A Description of Jamaica Island and the Caribies etc., 1680