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1296 Landkort Mexico

3883 A Map to illustrate Mexico its progress and commercial possibilities by Edward J. Howell E.S.S. (Mem. Chamber of Commerce, London) 1892, 1892
9213 Map of the ruins of Cintla after Dr. C.H. Berendt, 1908
9214 The Coast of Mexico near San Juan de Ulua after Bautista Antoneli, 1608, 1608
9215 San Juan de Ulua after Bautista Antoneli, 1608, 1608
9217 Map of part of Mexico showing the route of the Spaniards from Vera Cruz to the Citu of Mexico, 1908
9219 Plan showing the position of the causeways connecting the Island City of Mexico with the mainland, 1910
9220 A Rough Sketch Map of the City of Mexico, 1910
9221 The Maguey Plan of Mexico City, 1910
9222 Chart of the Gulf with plan of the lake and City of Mexico from Cortes' letters by Pietro Savorgnani, 1524., 1524
9223 Map of the Valley of Mexico by Enrico Martinez, about 1628, 1628
9224 Plan de la Ville de Mexico, Charles Antoine-Jaubert, 1772, 1772
9225 The Valley of Mexico City, 1907
9226 Map of the Valley of Mexico, 1560
9227 Map of British Guiana based on the map prepared for the arbitration between Great Britain and Venzuela, 1911
9232 Sketch Map of part of Mexico and Central America, 1912