BOG 025, reg. A/II - 850, DK5: 65.917; Bar code: 3664733500
En tilsvarende dansk bog er registreret som BOG 024 reg. A/II - 851, Stregkode: 3664733519

of a
New Improved Chart
of the
Islands of Shetland
t o which are annexed
Three copper plates with the appearances
of the land
A Special Chart
A HArbour on that Coast
from The Royal Danish Marine Archives for
Draughts and Charts
P. de Löwenörn,
Adjutant-General, Captain-Lieutenant, and Director
of the Archives
Price one Danish dollar.
Printed by Frideric William Thiele.

Size: Br. 20 cm, H. 26 cm. Paper cover marbled paper.
Title, verso blank, 3-8, chart of Valey Sound,
page 9-12, 3 plates with land views.
CONTENTS:         Page      3: Text begins
after Page      8: Chart of Valey Sound
        Page      9: Directions for Valey-Sound
after Page    12: Three plates vith views of the land

Short description of the contents

The text follows mostly the Danish edition. The Danish chart is compiled with the help of the British A new Hydrographical survey of the Islands of Shetland by Captain. Thomas Preston, with many improvements and additions and the Sailing Directions. London. printed for R. Sayer and Bennett. Decemb. 1781.

On page 6 is a handwritten addition to the book. Under the column a note on the new light on Sumburg Head from 1821 is added.

The compiler also notes that the chart by Mr. J. Thomson from 1777 and the chart by the Danish Höegh both have lattitude errors.

The chart of Valey-Sound is the Danish chart as registered in the database under serial number 3426. However, for the English edition the chart is also registered as serial number 3427.

The views of the land
The views come both from English sources and from new drawings made by the Danish surveyors. The compiler has also used Greenvile Collins' Great Britains Coasting Pilot in his preparations for the book - see chart 2210. Here is more information in Danish on Greenvile Collins og hans Great Britains Coasting Pilot.
Under the frame the views are signed: A. O. Flint Sc.

The Danish edition of this work is registered as book number BOG 024.

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Jørgen Marcussen

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